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Spider Control 

Spiders are beneficial and provide year around pest control. However, when allowed to nest on the exterior of your home, they can leave unsightly webs and even get inside. Our treatments remove the webs and apply long lasting products in key areas that are designed to repel them.

Why Do I have Spiders? 

Spiders primarily enter homes through open, or poorly screened windows and doors and also through cracks and gaps around window and door frames.  Spiders are usually looking for prey when they come inside the home.  Spider also commonly enter by hitchiking inside boxes, outdoor items and many other items that are brought inside the home.   Some spiders like moisture and can be found in crawspaces, basements, and other damp areas of the home.  Other spiders like dry areas and can be found near dryer vents, attics and corners of rooms.

Spider Treatments 

Our spider treatment is a two-fold approach.  First, we detail spray the exterior of the home.  We treat eaves, windows, doors, corners and any other areas where spiders are present.  This will not only kill the spiders that are currently on the house, but it will provide a residual barrier to help prevent new spiders from coming into those areas.  Second, we brush down visible webs on the house. This will remove the unsightly webs and get rid of the spider’s food source.  The brushing is done up to 15 feet high and will be below the roofline.  Our treatment is focused only on the structure itself. We do not purposely kill spiders in the yard as we believe they are a great benefit to you outside.  They kill many of the flying insects that would be pests if the spiders were not there.  We can also treat the interior of the structures if needed.  Lenz Pest Control offers one-time treatments as well as a reduced cost, quarterly maintenance program without a timed contract.

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