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Wasp Control 

Many kinds or wasps can nest in or around your home and all can sting or bite.  The most common wasps in the Santa Barbara area are the paper wasp and yellow jackets.  We treat wasps with eco-friendly products and remove their nests. Great care must be taken when removing wasps to avoid being stung.  

Why Do I have Wasps? 

Wasp Nests are usually found around the home underneath eaves, in or on structures and plants. Nests are built from wood fiber and occasionally plant matter.  The nests usually resemble several hexagonal shapes and are attached by a single stem. Wasps attack when the nest is disturbed and each can sting repeatedly. Wasp stings typically cause localized pain and swelling.  In severe cases, multiple stings can result in allergic reactions including death.

Wasp Treatments 

We not only kill and control your current wasps, but help prevent any future wasp outbreaks. Most wasp infestations originate outside the home.  Your technician will locate the wasp nests and eliminate them.   The technician will also evaluate any areas that the wasps are entering the home.  Lenz Pest Control offers Quarterly Maintenance and One-Time services with no contract required.

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